With eight beaches and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore, the opportunities for bespoke experiences are endless.

The resort team can create unforgettable events from scratch, customising every detail from venue setup through to entertainment, floral arrangements, excursions, tailor-designed menus and cocktails.

Speak to us to see how we can help craft memorable moments for a special one-off celebration or events for up to 80 guests.

Please contact our team at info@batubatu.com.my for an inquiry or a proposal. Please review our terms and conditions for charter the island here.


Charter the Island

For a fully customised event where the sky’s the limit, reserve the whole island as your private venue.

Seafood barbecues on the beach, restaurant dinners with themed decorations, pool parties and island-wide scavenger hunts – with the full resort team at your disposal, the event can unfold wherever and however you dream them to be.

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Wedding & Engagement

The private island setting of Batu Batu, with its crystal clear water, paradise beaches of fine sand and dramatic granite rocks, paints a spectacular backdrop for an intimate wedding or a dream honeymoon at the end of the world.

From pre-wedding couples’ spa treatments and cocktail receptions to a private beach wedding and post-wedding brunch, every small detail of the celebration can be customised to romantic perfection.

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Corporate Event

Leveraging Batu Batu’s privacy and exclusivity, design trust building games and creative activities to add a bonding element as the team enjoy the great outdoors.

We can organise corporate team building events, senior level corporate retreats, and outdoor meetings complete with projectors and presentation tools.

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Friends & Family

Whether you’re travelling with your partner, extended family, or filling the resort with friends and family for a private celebration, Batu Batu offers the rare opportunity to spend quality time with people you love in a spectacular island setting.

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