For a fully customised event where the sky’s the limit, reserve the whole island as your private venue.

Seafood barbecues on the beach, restaurant dinners with themed decorations, pool parties and island-wide scavenger hunts – with the full resort team at your disposal, the event can unfold wherever and however you dream them to be.

Batu Batu can host a range of celebrations and events for up to 80 guests across our 22 villas.

Please find out more about chartering the whole island in our terms and conditions.


“We rented out this magnificent island for 12 days in May 2017 for a global program we were running with one of the world's largest banks and more than 80 entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors. The entire Batu Batu team went above and beyond during our time there to make the event a success. The privacy of the island kept us focused, while the beauty of the setting kept us relaxed and inspired.

Honestly, organising an event this size, on the other side of the world, with attendees from more than 17 countries, and enough dietary restrictions to make an encyclopedia out of them had its challenges - but the Batu Batu team was remarkable. Every step of the way, they worked closely with our team to fix problems efficiently and sympathetically, and in a way that made us feel at home. We can't wait to go back, team up with Batu Batu, and share this extraordinary place with others.”


Colman Chamberlain, Global Managing Director, Unreasonable Group

Unreasonable Group ran a 12 day programme at Batu Batu to support the scale of growth-stage ventures by providing entrepreneurs with the resources, mentorship, and global network of support that they need to rapidly create jobs and address key global issues.



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