when seeing a turtle

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Occasionally turtles lay eggs on our beaches. If you encounter one, it is ok to observe and watch them from afar. Do let our Guest Services or Tengah Island Conservation team knows so we can secure the nest and relocate the eggs to the hatchery.

Keep quiet.png

Keep Quiet

No flash.png

No flash photography

Do not touch.png

Don’t touch the eggs

Do not touch the turtle.png

Don’t touch the turtle




Whilst staying with us at Batu Batu feeding fish, fishing, littering, collecting seashells or marine animals - dead or alive - is disallowed. Batu Batu is located within the protected Johor Marine Park and the following regulations and best-practices should be observed at all times in order to protect the fragile biodiversity on and around the island.

Don't step on coral.png

Don’t step on the coral

Don't stir.png

Don’t stir the sediment

Don't chase marine animal.png

Don’t touch or chase the marine life

No feed fish.png

Don’t feed the fishes

No littering.png

Don’t litter

No fishing.png

Don’t fish

no collection.png

Don’t collect dead or alive marine life

no anchor.png

Don’t anchor on coral reefs
Do use mooring bouys

no shark finning.png

Don’t support shark finning

don't buy.png

Don’t buy souvenirs of coral & marine life

don't remove.png

Don’t remove seashells or corals


Do join or support conservation projects



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