A Marine and terrestrial conservation research programme founded by the owners of Batu Batu Resort on Pulau Tengah, Malaysia

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Tengah Island Conservation


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About Tengah Island Conservation

Batu Batu - Pulau Tengah is a sustainably-minded, off-grid private island resort in Johor, Southern Malaysia with a focus on generating profits through tourism to create a positive impact on the surrounding environment. We are passionate believers that sustainable tourism can be beneficial to the environment, local communities and remain profitable for the tourism business operators. With that in mind, we have set-up an integrated Conservation & Sustainability Department, under the name of Tengah Island Conservation (TIC), and currently employ 4 full-time scientists who are responsible for our projects and community outreach programs. We are currently in the process of spinning-off TIC into a standalone non-profit society under the Malaysian ROS.

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to the research and protection of our natural environment. Our project aims to preserve the flora and fauna on and around Pulau Tengah and its surrounding islands, increase the populations of endangered sea turtles, and educate tourists and local communities on the need for marine conservation and sustainable living.

Message from our Founder

Over the last seven years, we have started a journey to understand, protect and preserve the natural beauty of Pulau Tengah and its surrounds. We are still at the beginning of this journey but the possibilities to make a difference appear to be endless.
— Cher Chua-Lassalvy, Founder

Our work

Conservation Projects

TIC conducts projects to preserve the endangered turtle, coral reef, and other marine and terrestrial populations on and around Pulau Tengah. The project has released more than 14,000 IUCN-classified critically endangered Hawksbill and endangered Green Turtle hatchlings since 2014.

Sustainability Projects

We strive to tread as lightly as possible through efforts on recycling, waste management, waste water treatment and organic farming. We aim to be a showcase for sustainable hospitality in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Education & Outreach Programme

To raise awareness in environmental protection and promote sustainable tourism through guest engagement, staff training and working with the nearby local communities through partnerships with the public and private sectors.


“From where we stand, we are simply unable to ignore the fragility of our environment.”

-Cher Chua-Lassalvy

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