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Transformative Tourism Experiences at Batu Batu

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Transformational Travel

Transformational Travel is to use travel as a catalyst for creating deeper connections with self and nature and as a tool for fostering global citizenry, communication, understanding, stewardship, and real human connection. We believe that travel can be the ultimate inspiration for taking powerful and purposeful action in the world. Find out more about Transformational Travel at

Conservation Activities at Batu Batu

Visit and get inspiration from our friendly scientists and volunteers at Tengah Island Conservation (TIC) who will be happy to give you a tour of the Tunku Abdul Jalil Conservation Centre and the turtle hatchery and share with you about TIC’s on-going conservation projects. There are also regular free talks you can attend to learn more about sharks, turtles and other marine life found in the area.


Adopt a Turtle Nest

Supporting TIC’s turtle conservation project by adopting a nest at RM300 (approx. US$72). Even if you are not staying with us at the moment, you can do so online at TIC’s website.

Donate For TIC Activities

Donations are also accepted to support TIC’s other activities such as coral reef mapping, removal of underwater debris, planting of indigenous trees around the island as well as supporting TIC’s community engagement activities.

Beach Clean up

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Batu Batu and TIC teams are holding regular beach clean up around the island. Spend a few hours cleaning washed up trash on our beaches while getting to know our team and volunteers is a fulfilling experience. Register with the reception or at TIC while you are staying with Batu Batu.


Science Talks

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TIC holds regular talks with varied topics from sharks, turtles to the environment and conservation throughout the year. Check the talk schedule at the reception while you are staying at Batu Batu.

Volunteer with TIC

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TIC runs 9-week volunteer programmes for those who are interested in marine biology and conservation projects. Find out more about how to join the volunteer programme at Tengah Island Conservation website.

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Shop TIC Merchandise

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TIC carries a small range of locally handmade items that helps raise fund for the conservation projects. You can find batik stuff turtles, batik shopping bags, reusable straws in batik holders and handmade jewelry at the Tunku Abdul Jalil Conservation Centre shop.

The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes
— Marcel Proust

 Help Save the Environment

Do your part

Continue the experiences you have at home and contribute to support our efforts. Here are some tips that you can take home with and share with your friends and family.

  1. Switch to a reusable water bottle and say no to single-use plastic bottles. 

  2. Carry a reusable bag to avoid using plastic bags at the shops. 

  3. Skip the straw and save a sea turtle! Consider investing in a reusable metal or bamboo straw. 

  4. Switch to plastic free toiletries like shampoo/soap bars and toothpaste tablets instead of cosmetic products contained in single-use plastic bottles. 

  5. Invest in a metal safety razor for shaving instead of using plastic disposable razors. 

  6. Ditch your plastic toothbrush and get a lovely bamboo alternative.

  7. Avoid using plastic cotton buds which frequently end up in the ocean. 

  8. Protect our coral reefs by switching to a reef-safe sunscreen containing zinc oxide. 

  9. Say no to disposable coffee cups! Drink-in or get your own reusable cup. 

  10. Avoid unsustainable tourism – say no to tiger petting, elephant rides and turtle feeding/handling.

  11. Say no to shark-finning and boycott restaurants which serve shark’s fins. 

  12. Ride your bike, take public transport and switch off the lights to help curb global warming and stop our corals bleaching. 

  13. Cut out exfoliating cosmetic products which contain plastic micro beads – they end up in the ocean and in our fish. Alternatives containing natural ingredients like coffee grains have less of an impact. 

  14. Support a conservation project – donate your time, money or support to help conservation projects working to preserve biodiversity in your local area. 

  15. Help us spread the word by telling your friends. 

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