Tengah Island Map

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Key Points of Interest

(A) Turtle Beach

  • Steep path to access, not recommended for children (footwear required) 

  • Quiet beach 

  • Snorkelling 

  • Visit Rocky Point 

  • Wildlife observation 

  • 2nd Mangrove restoration area 

(B) Shingle Beach

Quiet beach on eastern side of island, difficult to access 

(C) Best Viewpoint

Viewpoint looking out to Rawa Island, Gual Island, Mensirip Island and Harimau Island 

(D) Podercarpus Viewpoint

Viewpoint looking out to Rawa Island, Tioman Island, Pemanggil Island and Aur Island 

(E) Rocky Viewpoint

  • Viewpoint looking out to - Besar Island, Tinggi Island, Sibu Island 

  • Best place to watch sunrise 

(F) Tiny Beach

  • Quiet beach 

  • Observing land crabs 

(G) Sunrise Beach

  • Good for swimming during high tide 

  • Snorkelling 

  • Sunrise 

(H) Batu Batu Beach

  • Snorkelling 

  • Natural Playground 

  • Seashells 

(I) Junior Reef Beach

  • Snorkelling 

  • Coral nursery 

(J) J E T T Y 

  • Shark watching 

  • Turtle watching 

  • Stargazing 

  • Natural prey-predator observation 

(K) Long Beach

  • Point to start kayaking & paddle boarding 

  • Beach volleyball & football 

  • Swimming spot (sandy bottom) 

  • Dive & Activities Centre 

(L) Beach Bar

Cocktails, mocktails and ice cold beer (open from 11 am to after sunset) 

(M) Sand Bar

  • Unique beach that changes throughout the year 

  • Best spot to watch the sunset 

(N) Angsana / Sunset Beach

  • Unique beach with different character 

  • Pristine private beach 

  • Access to snorkelling to Northern Reef 

(O) Northern Reef

  • Best spot for free diving 

  • Pristine coral 

(P) Lagoon Bay

  • 1st Mangrove restoration area 

  • Best spot for bird watching 

  • Access to Northern Reef 

(Q) Remnant of Expedition Robinson’s Set

(R) Marsh Area

  • Observing wildlife 

  • Natural swamp 

  • Cashew nut tree 

(S) Remnants of Vietnamese UNHCR Settlement + Baby Joseph’s Grave

(T) Hut’s Viewpoint

Viewpoint looking out to Rawa Island 

(Q) Fern’s Viewpoint

A private spot and viewpoint looking out to - Rawa Island, Harimau Island, Hujung Island, Seribuat Island and Sembilang Island 

(R) Tunku Abdul Jalil Conservation Centre and Home of Tengah Island Conservation

  • Sea turtle hatchery 

  • Nature & Conservation talks 

  • Beach clean up registration 

  • Information on conservation on and around the island 

Snorkelling Trails

*Snorkelling is best above a tide level of 1.5m – please check the day’s tide tables at Guest Services or Dive & Activities before heading out to snorkel. Children should be accompanied by an adult when snorkelling. We recommend snorkelling in pairs. 

JETTY TRAIL | Beginner Level Trail 

  1. Starting or Exit Point: Long Beach next to the walkway 

  2. Jetty: Juvenile black tip reef sharks, needle fish, schools of small fish 

  3. Coral Nurseries 

  4. Junior Reef: Easy to spot “Nemos” and anemones 

  5. Exit or Starting Point: Junior Beach 

Depth Average: 3 meters 
Suitable For: Families with kids 

SUNRISE TRAIL | Intermediate Level Trail

  1. Starting or Exit Point: Sunrise Beach 

  2. Beginning of The Reef: Shallowest part of the reef – many corals are damaged by climate change induced bleaching 

  3. Sunrise Reef: Nice and dense coral formations, great variety of coral species 

  4. Exit or Starting Point: Batu Batu Beach 

Depth Average: 4 meters 
Suitable For: Strong swimmers 

NORTHERN REEF TRAIL | Advance Level Trail

  1. Starting or Exit Point: Lagoon Bay 

  2. Northern Reef: Big coral formations, high massive corals 

  3. Northern Reef: Long patches of Acropora branching corals 

  4. Exit or Starting Point: Sandbar Beach 

  5. & 6. Alternative Exit or Starting Point: Red Sand Beach, Angsana Beach and Sunset Beach 

Depth Average: 5 meters (Point number 2 can reach 8 meters depth) 
Suitable For: Very strong swimmers 



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