The best time to visit Batu Batu (which works just right for you)

Holiday times are precious, especially if you only have a few weeks a year available to you.  You want to get it right and depending on your circumstance you will have different needs. Perhaps you have a family of water loving children who want to make friends with lots of other small people their age. If a quiet poolside and a grown-up environment is what you are after, then you may want to avoid the very busy school holiday periods.

Like all resorts, at Batu Batu, we have times when we are fully booked with families having fun and times when you might even feel like you have the whole island to yourself.

To take the stress out of planning your next trip we have put together a calendar for this year with the main public holidays and the larger international school holidays (where we tend to be busy with families).

We know that you all want different things so let us help you find the right time for you…


2018 March Infographic.png
2018 April Infographic.png
2018 June Infographic.png
2018 September Infographic.png
2018 November Infographic.png
2018 December Infographic.png