Batu – Batu Oil Massage                                                                             90 min RM 300.00          60 min RM 210.00

This is Batu Batu Spa’s signature relaxing full body massage combining both Balinese and Swedish techniques. Warm based oil is applied to the body using the therapists’ palm. Long strokes are used with warm stones on the body. Whilst relaxing, this soft to medium massage is both deeply stimulating and energizing giving relief to deep-seated muscle tension.


Balinese Massage                                                                                         90 min RM 300.00           60 min RM 210.00

This medium to strong deep tissue massage has been passed down from generation to generation. It is gentle and invokes feelings of relaxation and calm throughout. The techniques include, kneading and stroking, using palm & thumb pressure and long firm strokes to release muscular tension, reduce stress and rebalance your mind and body. Aromatherapy oils are used.


Swedish Massage                                                                                         90 min RM 300.00           60 min RM 210.00

This is a soft to medium body massage worked and feeling stressed to relax the body and mind. During this massage the therapist will use Swedish massage techniques on the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and soft tissues all over your body. Pressure is soft to medium


Hot Stone Massage                                                                                      90 min RM 300.00           60 min RM 210.00

This Technique uses a combination of warmed stones combined with a medium pressure massage to relax tense muscles, relieve pain and stiffness and improve circulation.


Wave Massage                                                                                             90 min RM 300.00            60 min RM 210.00

High pressure massage unique to the Hawaiian Archipelago this has been passed down from generation to generation. The practitioners use this hands, forearms and elbows and also using flowing forearm strokes from light to deep to relax muscles, increase circulation, and promote overall well-being.


Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage                                                                        90 min RM 300.00           60 min RM 210.00

An Ancient full body massage using, light pressure and slow strokes. A selected blend of oils is used to encourage deep relaxation. Warm oil is massaged into marmas points reducing any sadness, confusion, and indecision. Ayurvedic massage affect does not only affect the physical body, but also the body’s vital energy, mind, intelligence and consciousness.


Thai Foot Massage (Reflexology)                                                                                                             60 min RM 210.00

Foot reflexology massage uses hands, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, and a rounded wooden stick with lotion or oil on the feet. Pressure of you own choice.


Mummy Tengah Island Massage                                                                  90 min RM 350.00          60 min RM 280.00

A unique massage treatment to soothe away the stresses and aches of pregnancy, we use pure coconut warm oil and focusing on the shoulders, back, lower legs and feet. Supportive cushions ensure a comfortable yet effective massage safe for you and your baby.

Pressure is soft to medium. Please note therapies are not recommended for moms who are under 16 weeks pregnant.


Kiddy Massage 5yo - 12yo                                                                           60 min RM 190.00          30 min RM 150.00

We head to the spa to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. Our kids are living in the same world with the same stresses. Give them the gift of relaxation with a trip to our nature touch with olive oil warm or normal temperature as per your request with technique massage using palm long strokes and soft pressure.




Candlenut Scrub                                                                                                                                  60min       RM 210.00

Candlenut, rich in natural calcium, folic acid and vitamin E is particularly good for mature skin. Nut oil is believed to draw toxins from the pores which provides a deep cleanse.


Tengah Coffee Body Scrub                                                                                                                 60min       RM 210.00

Exfoliating scrub that makes the skin healthy and beautiful using antioxidant and rich vitamin E to remove impurities and air pollutants. To exfoliate the whole body, a body scrub is the best way. It helps to remove dead skin cells and expose fresh smooth skin.


Green Tea Body Scrub                                                                                                                         60min       RM 210.00

Using a naturally derived exfoliate and skin-soothing green tea, this gently fights blemishes and reduces redness & irritation caused by acne. The result is clear and calm skin.


Frangipani Mineral Sea Salt Scrub                                                                                                     60min       RM 210.00

Our Floral Frangipani Body Scrub contains mineral rich dead Sea salt and essential oils to exfoliate, revitalize and polish the skin.


Citrus Orange Scrub                                                                                                                             60min     RM 210.00

Skin exfoliation and moisturising with a light massage using orange extracts. Detoxifying, toning properties help rejuvenate cells and increase skin elasticity and vitality. A unique experience on the island.


Javanese ‘’Lulur’’ Scrub                                                                                                                        60min      RM 210.00

Ancient treatment from Royal Indonesia Javanese Palaces using turmeric. A deep full body moisturizing treatment to make smooth, soften and nourish the skin.


Boreh Body Scrub                                                                                                                 60min    RM 210.00                   

Boreh is a traditional healing paste made from a combination of roots, herbs and spices. This paste includes rice, ginger, turmeric, cloves. Cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, star anise, shredded coconut and salt. This body scrub creates a sensation of deep heat which penetrates into the skin melting away tension, increasing blood circulation, relieving aching joints, sore muscles and headaches. After the scrub an organic body lotion will be applied to moisturize and soften skin.


Frangipani Body Mask                                                                                                                            60min    RM 210.00

Enriched with vitamins essential for healthy skin, this creamy and sweet-smelling body wrap nourishes skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.


Green Tea Body Mask                                                                                                                             60min    RM 210.00

This rich anti-oxidant body mask improves the skin’s condition leaving it feeling years younger. Green tea contains anti-oxidant polyphenols that help eliminate free radicals and safeguard healthy cells, while Thai white clay deeply moisturizes and softens the epidermis. This mask hydrates and protects the skin from over-exposure to the sun.


Cucumber Aloe Body Polisher                                                                                                           60min         RM210.00

A soothing treatment ideal for the treatment of sunburn. This treatment heals damaged and sensitive skin which has been overexposed to the sun.


Kiddy Scrub                                                                                                                                               30 min RM 150.00

We head to the spa to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. Our kids are living in the same world with the same stresses. Give them the gift of relaxation with choice of scrub Orange / Carrot / Cucumber / Chocolate that is fresh homemade to give nutrition to the skin.



BATU SECRET                                                                                                                (180 minutes) RM 580.00/Person

This signature luxurious treatment is specially recommended for honeymoon couples. Frangipani packages have been used for Centuries in Royal Balinese Palaces. Start with a Balinese Massage and finishes with a Frangipani Flower Bath, This provides quality time your partner.

Ritual Foot bath  

Balinese Massage 90 minutes

Frangipani Sea Salt Scrub 30 minutes

Frangipani Body Mask 30 minutes

Frangipani Flower Bath

Refreshment with homemade ginger tea


RESTFUL BALANCE                                                                                                       (180minutes) RM 550.00/person

Restoring the natural balance of energies, leaving you in a renewed sense of bliss. This soothes the tension from your head and calms your mind with a Ayurvedic massage. Where warm oil is poured on your body. The treatments improves blood circulation. The special oil used for these treatments has a calming effect on the body where a traditional recipe is prepared and applied to the skin.

Ritual Foot bath  

Ayurvedic Massage 75 minutes

Boreh Scrub 35 minutes

Body Wrap Detoxifying 30 minutes

Herbal Bath 7 Spices 20 minutes

Refreshment with homemade ginger tea


GREEN PARADISE                                                                                                       (180minutes) RM 550.00/person

Green tea is renowned for its skin healing and detoxifying properties. It not only eliminates free radicals but also helps to reactivate dying skin cells and improve the condition of the upper layer skin. After a scrub and wrap, an Aromatherapy Massage will make you completely refreshed. Concluded by a Green Tea milk bath treatment, you will feel totally rejuvenated. 

Ritual Foot bath  

Swedish Massage 75 minutes

Green Tea Scrub 30 minutes

Green Tea Body Mask 30 minutes

Green Tea Milk Bath 20 minutes

Refreshment with green tea


SERENITY                                                                                                                         (150minutes) RM 450.00/Person

A luxury sense experience starting off with a Batu – Batu oil massage, followed by candle nut body scrub to remove your dead skins cell.

Ritual Foot bath  

Batu - Batu Massage   75 minutes

Candle Nut Body Scrub   40 minutes

Bath Coconut Milk 15 minutes

Refreshment with homemade ginger tea


PEACE OF MIND                                                                                                             (150minutes) RM 410.00/Person

A total relaxing treatment which starts with your own choice of massage soft to medium with special aromatherapy massage oils.

Followed by Tengah Coffee body scrub to exfoliate and re-fresh the skin.

Ritual Foot bath  

Choose your Massage 90 minutes

Tengah Coffee Body Scrub 40 minutes

Refreshment with homemade ginger tea


ROYAL CALMING SHOOTER                                                                                        (90minutes) RM 390.00/Person

Signature Experience

Feel completely rejuvenate and energised with choose

Cleanser to purify the skin while the Massage improves and tones muscles for better mobility and flexibility, easing muscle aches and pain.

Ritual Foot Bath

Balinese Massage 60 minutes

Choose your Scrub for 25 minutes

Refreshment with homemade ginger tea


* Please book package 1 day advance *