Tengah Island Conservation education & outreach programme

Community outreach is one of the key components of preserving the fragile marine environment surrounding Batu Batu. To this end, TIC employs a full-time education and outreach coordinator with a remit of reaching out to the Batu Batu team within the island, the community around us and the guests who come to visit.



One of our outreach with a local school on marine environment conservation in 2018

One of our outreach with a local school on marine environment conservation in 2018

Batu Batu has been collaborating with the local community on various fronts with the aim to raise awareness on the need for turtle conservation, protection of the marine environment and sustainable solutions.

Our Outreach Program has extended to the mainland where we have been visiting eight different schools in order to conduct lessons and activities focuses on the marine environment, sea turtle conservation and plastic pollution.

In May 2018, we hosted a two day training session run by Marine Parks Johor for members of the local community including other resorts, island communities and tourist boat operators. The event was in celebration of the International Year of the Reef. Marine Park Johor/Taman Laut Johor were offering training to raise awareness of the fragility of our environment, environmental issues and the human impact on the local area. The idea was to encourage cooperative protection of the Marine Park area. Visitors took part in activities such as creating a model eco-island in the sand, identifying environmental issues and looking at the lifespan of marine debris. We hope that this will be the first of various events of the kind for the local community throughout the year.



Batu Batu Resort's guests are invited to join the TIC-led beach cleanups. TIC also invites guests to attend the turtle and shark talks, and offers a tour of the hatchery and conservation centre in order to raise awareness in marine conservation. Guests are also invited to join TIC in releasing baby turtles in the sea.


Resort staff are encouraged to attend conservation documentary screenings e.g. A Plastic Ocean. Staff education and cooperation is valuable for the success of the Resort’s recycling initiative.

We have developed a staff engagement and team building curriculum which is focused on conservation, sustainability and environmental issues. This includes training sessions, games and opportunities to help with practical conservation projects such as joining the team for turtle patrols or helping to build and plant coral nurseries.


“You cannot protect the environment unless you empower people, you inform them, and you help them understand that these resources are their own, that they must protect them.


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