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You can contribute by adopting a nest, join our activities while vacationing on the island or work with us as a volunteer.

Tengah Island Conservation works with volunteers during the period between 2 weeks to 10 weeks depending on the applicants and the available positions. All volunteers will work closely with our conservation manager and her team on different projects.

No time for volunteer? You can get involved by joining our hatchery tour and leave your name and phone number so that you can be notified of any nest hatchings or turtle landings during your stay. If you would like to learn more, attend a “Turtle Talk” at the Tunku Abdul Jalil Conservation Centre on the Long Beach, volunteer for a beach clean-up, volunteer to join an overnight or early morning “turtle patrol” or even adopt a nest!


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Tengah Island Conservation is recruiting volunteers to help support its turtle hatchery and marine conservation projects. Get involved today and work with sea turtles, monitor coral reefs, learn the different fish species of the area, while helping to collect essential and accurate data!


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Help our turtles and adopt a nest, every cent paid goes directly to our local egg collectors. Before, these eggs would end up on the human consumption market... With your help turtle eggs now end up in our hatchery where they can be protected and safely released!


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Beach clean up... 

Contact our team at the Tunku Abdul Jalil Conservation Centre to ask for our schedule of activities.....

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