The Basics

+ Where is Batu Batu?

Batu Batu is on Pulau Tengah (meaning “Middle Island” in Malay) and is part of the Seribuat Archipelago of islands off the east coast of Malaysia. The island lies 15km from the fishing town of Mersing, Johor in the South China Sea and is approximately 130km north of Singapore.

+ Are there any other resorts on the island?

No – Batu Batu is the only development on Pulau Tengah – the rest of the island is completely uninhabited.

+ When is the rainy season @ Batu Batu?

The North East Monsoon runs from December until February. The North East Monsoon has been less predictable over the past few years and weather can be excellent during the rainy season (although water clarity does tend to deteriorate due to choppier seas). To give you an idea over our two years of operation: The weather over the 2012/2013 monsoon was largely good with some days of persistent rain dispersed amongst days of sunshine and sea conditions were relatively calm with only two days where boats were officially blocked from leaving Mersing Harbour due to rough seas. From early March 2013, we enjoyed fine weather (one of the best months last year) and the waters were back to their translucent turquoise by the second half of the month. The 2013/2014 monsoon was extraordinary. We experienced the longest drought on the island with not a drop of rain for two months from January through to March (the traditional rainy season). There were however, periods where the sea was rough and the harbour at Mersing was closed. As such, there were a number of occasions where guest boats were cancelled and some guests had to cancel their stays with us. Given the dry weather, the guests who did make it onto the island to visit us over the 2013/2014 rainy season enjoyed fine, dry weather and a relatively empty island! Given the unpredictability of monsoon, whilst we will try our best to let you know in advance if your boat will be heavily delayed or cancelled, it is not always possible to notify you of a boat cancellation before you have left home. In the situation where the boat cannot travel due to harbour closures and you cannot stay with us as planned (or if your boat is expected/likely to be cancelled and you decide not to risk fruitlessly travelling to Mersing), we will, of course, repay your deposit in full. If the weather is rainy or the sea is rough but the boat is still able to travel to the island, we will unfortunately not be able to refund your deposit if you decide to cancel. We would recommend that pregnant women and very young infants avoid staying with us over this period given the increased likelihood of an uncomfortable journey.

+ Can we come to Batu Batu in the rainy season?

Yes, we open all year round and welcome guests right through the rainy seasoWe are open all year round and welcome guests right through the rainy season. However, there is a higher chance of rainy days and or rough seas from December through February and a chance that our boats will be subject to delays (and perhaps even cancellations) due to bad weather. Please note that the boat journeys may be rough during the rainy period and there is a small possibility that the harbor master may close Mersing Port if conditions are particularly bad, which will preclude our boat from sailing. This means that there is a possibility that you may be unable to travel from Mersing or from Pulau Tengah on your actual booked day of arrival or day of departure due to adverse weather conditions. We will check weather forecasts and will try our best to alert you in advance where bad weather is forecasted and we envisage changes in boat schedules due to weather.there be too many children around for me to enjoy my stay?**

Batu Batu is an openly family-friendly resort and given the private nature of the island, children are often left to roam freely. The resort often has many babies, toddlers and children in-house (especially on long weekends and around the school holiday period). Having only one pool it is very popular for families and it is very often not the best place on the island to kick-back and relax with a book. However, the island has a 3km circumference with eight white sand beaches and couples will always be able to find a secluded spot.

In general, when couples or adult-only groups come to visit without children, they take a less central villa where they can read books and relax on their private balcony (ocean villas are often the most popular for couples). They also tend to avoid the pool and explore the many empty beaches further away from the main resort (snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, reading and generally just exploring). We also advise them to time their meals outside of the family rush and many have found that this works well (late breakfast (9.30am), late lunch (1.30/2pm), late dinner (8.30/9pm)). Following this advice, we have had many adult-only groups thoroughly enjoy their stays and enjoy the beauty of the island without being impacted by the families in-house.

However, we are very aware that these constraints are not to everyone’s taste and there are those who would prefer to be in an adult-oriented / adult-only resort. If this is the case, unfortunately it is unlikely that Batu Batu is right for you.

Travelling to Batu Batu

+ How do I get to Batu Batu?

The island is accessible by Batu Batu’s private speedboat from the coastal town of Mersing, Johor, Malaysia approximately 130km by road from Singapore. The journey time by speedboat from Mersing to Pulau Tengah is twenty minutes in good weather. We can point you towards taxi companies who provide transfer services from both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Please see “Can Batu Batu arrange transport for us from Singapore / Kuala Lumpur to Mersing?” for more details.

+ How long does it take to drive to Mersing from Singapore?

If you avoid peak traffic times (e.g. after office departures from Singapore), the journey should take between 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Please note that in heavy traffic this journey time can increase significantly.

+ How long does it take to drive to Mersing from Kuala Lumpur?

The journey takes 4-5 hours in good traffic. The journey time may increase significantly if traffic is heavy.

+ Where are the nearest airports to Batu Batu?

  • Johor Senai Airport (135km from Mersing)
  • Singapore Changi Airport (160km from Mersing)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport (340km from Mersing)

+ Can Batu Batu arrange transport for us from Singapore / Kuala Lumpur to Mersing?

Whilst we don’t arrange for transport for our guests, we can provide you with email and phone details for several taxi companies who provide Singapore-Mersing and KL-Mersing transfers. Please note that these are third party companies and Batu Batu makes no commission when our guests use any of these companies. Please note that we recommend these companies based on guests’ reviews and experiences but are also open to any other recommendations you may be able to provide. Please note that costs listed below may change and this is at the discretion of the taxi company. Please liaise directly with the taxi company and get your quotes directly from them.

Singapore to Mersing: Prices listed below are from Mersing to central Singapore. If you would like the taxi to take you to Changi Airport or you request to travel via the 2nd link bridge at Tuas, a surcharge is usually applied. In July 2014, prices for taxis increased due to increased fuel costs and increased toll pricing at the Singapore-Malaysia border. We understand that the pricing given below reflects the pricing increase (although it is at the company’s discretion if they wish to increase their prices). Please take note that taxi companies tend to charge a higher prices for some extremely busy holidays (e.g. CNY, Hari Raya, etc.). We update the taxi fares indicated below only when we are made aware of any price change either by the taxi company or by guests.

Happy Express Travel Office number : +607-2886639 (contact person will be Ms Khoo or Jorjien, open from Monday - Fridays, at 9:00am to 6:00pm, and on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm) After office hours number : +6012-5382254 Email : (preferred contact method)

Rates for transfer from any point in Singapore to Mersing:

  1. Toyota Innova – SGD $190 (1 ~ 4 pax)
  2. Hyundai Starex – SGD $270 1 ~ 7 pax)
  3. customers do not need to get down from the vehicle to cross through Singapore and Malaysian immigration.
  4. except for areas in Sentosa, they do pick-ups all over Singapore at the price stated above
  5. if guest were to stay in Sentosa area, they will charge an extra approx. SGD 10
  6. prices will increase during CNY 7 days before and 7 days after, depending on how close dates of travel is from the actual holiday, price will fluctuate about 20% - 50% during CNY peak dates

Michael George Contact number : +60 19 7168 850 / +6013 - 7364059 Private car transfer from Singapore to Johor Bahru with quick car change into Malaysian taxi (older vehicles but generally well kept) near the border – SGD 170 (1 ~ 4 pax). Michael George has no email, but deals with bookings through SMS and/or on the phone.

Benson – Osprey Consultant Services Singapore-based company run by Benson. Provide different tiers of taxi service from private car with change in JB to direct Singaporean private car transfer to Mersing. Can be a little more expensive than the Malaysian counterparts. Osprey Consultant Services 65 Jalan Wangi Singapore 349382 +65 9060 0085

Kuala Lumpur to Mersing: Both AJ Express and Michael George will be able to arrange transfers from Mersing to KL / KL to Mersing. We have also had guests use Aidil +6017 641 4546 a KL-based private taxi company who charge RM 750 for a one-way transfer.

+ If I self-drive from Singapore, how do I get to Mersing Jetty?

After you cross the causeway at Woodlands to Johor Bahru, turn left, and follow the Number 3 Highway (sign posted Kota Tinggi) towards Mersing. You will drive through the outskirts of Johor Bahru and its satellite towns, then through Kota Tinggi. Do not follow signs to the Tanjong Leman Jetty as this is 35km south of Mersing and the gateway to the more southern islands (Sibu and Tinggi). The final town/village before Mersing is Jemaluang – about 20 minutes south of Mersing. Once in Mersing drive over the roundabout onto Jalan Abu Bakar to the main Jetty Penumpang also known as the main Passenger or Tioman Jetty. Upon arrival in Mersing, you can park your car at the Rawa car park next to the jetty. The cost is RM 18/day, the car park is gated and manned and is open to public. If the Rawa carpark is full, a few other alternatives can be found below (please see If I self-drive, where can I park in Mersing?). Our Mersing representative will meet you at the Jetty seating area and take you to the boat. She should be recognizable in a bright turquoise Batu Batu t-shirt. She can be contacted on +60 17 755 4381 if you are lost or need assistance. Please arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes prior to boat departure. Once you cross the border into Malaysia (past Malaysian immigration), the journey time to Mersing takes on average 2 hours. Please let us know if you are running late by calling our Front Desk @ +60 17 755 0672 / +60 17 755 5888.

+ If I self-drive, where can I park in Mersing?

There are a several gated car parks with security guards in Mersing. The nearest to the Port Café is Rawa Safaris’ Car Park. Information on various car parks as follows:

A. Rawa Car Park Contact: +60 17-716 7652 (Mr. Razak) Charges: RM18 per night.

B. Majlis Daerah Mersing Car Park R&R Contact: +60 7-7981818 / 07-799 7980 Charges: RM18 (3 Days 2 Nights)

C. Private Car Park Mr. Jamil Contact: +60 17 737 1664 / +60 19 625 4857 Charges: RM30 (3 Days 2 Nights)

+ How long is the boat transfer to Batu Batu?

In good weather the boat from Mersing to Pulau Tengah takes just under 20 minutes. Do you have scheduled boat times between Mersing and Pulau Tengah? Yes, we do have scheduled boats but these vary from one day to the next depending on tides and expected occupancy. Please ask Reservations/Front Desk for the boat schedule over the dates where you plan to travel. If demand for boats increases because we have more arrivals on a particular day than expected extra boats may be added onto the schedule.

+ How do I book my boat time?

Boat times applicable to your check-in and check-out dates will be sent to you by our Reservations team. Please make your choice by return of email. The boat has a limited number of passengers for safety reasons and seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will receive an email confirmation from our reservations team once you have been allocated your boat. We apologise in advance if we are not able to allocate you the boat of your choice as boats may fill-up between our sending the boat times and your response.

+ Do I need a physical ticket for the boat?

You do not need a physical ticket for the boat.

+ How much do you charge for the boat transfers?

In 2018, if you take one of our scheduled boats, the charge is RM 140+ return (Mersing – PT – Mersing) per adult and RM 95+ return per child 4 years and over. We will put this charge onto your bill – payable at check-out.

+ What happens if I miss my scheduled boat?

If you miss a scheduled boat, we will try to arrange for a transfer for you as quickly as possible. This will depend on the pre-arranged schedule of our boat and/or the tides. If the Batu Batu boat is able to come and pick you up, this will be charged as an additional chartered boat and charter boat prices will apply. Please see next question.

+ What happens if I want to take a boat outside of scheduled times?

If you wish to charter an additional transfer boat outside of the scheduled times, you may do so between 9am and 6pm (leaving Mersing or Batu Batu) if tide levels and boat availabilities allow.

For chartered boat rates, please contact

+ What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in time is 3pm. If you choose to arrive on a morning boat and there is a guest checking-out of your villa, you will be invited to use our other facilities (swimming pool, restaurant & bar, etc) until your villa becomes available. Check-out time is at 11.30am. Likewise, should you choose to depart Batu Batu on an afternoon boat, you can still continue to use our facilities where your bags will be made available to you at Guest Services and there is a changing room / shower where you can change from your beachwear or freshen up before departing the island. Unfortunately we are unable to let you know much in advance whether late check-out is possible given that our bookings can be very last minute.

Rates and Reservations

+ How do I make a Reservation?

Please go online to and select BOOK NOW.

+ Where can I find your rates?

Please select BOOK NOW on the Batu Batu website ( and it will lead you to a booking site where you enter your dates at the top of the page. Villas available will appear and you can select your choice and enter the number of people staying in a villa to obtain the rates.

+ What does your villa rate include?

Our villa rate includes accommodation only for the night. It does not include boat transfers and the 3-meal-plan or board.

+ Do you charge for extra adults and children in a villa?

The rates in our reservation system are calculated based on your input on number of adults, children and infants staying in the villa. For 2018, the rates are as follows:

Extra Adult in room (includes children 13 years and above) RM 250+

Extra Child in room (4+ years) RM 125+

Extra Infant (0-3 years) Complimentary

+ If the rate does not include meals, how much do meals cost?

All guests are placed on a 3-meal daily dining plan (“Board”). In 2018, this costs RM 290+ per adult per day and RM 145+ per child (4–12 years) per day, and is payable in addition to your villa rate.

Children below 4 years will be provided food on a complimentary basis over their stay. Drinks will be billed separately.

During the festive period for Christmas (24 - 25 December) and New Year (31 Dec - 1 Jan), we will be serving an extended menu for lunch and dinner where any guests staying over the dates will be charged board at RM 450+ per adult and RM 145+ per child (4-12 years). Infants below 4 years old remain free of charge.

+ Do you put any extra charges on our bill?

Yes. A tourism tax of RM 10 per night will also be applicable to each villa from 1st September 2017 onward.

There has also been a change in policy under the new government in 2018, so all items will be subjected to a 6% SST from 1st September 2018 onward.

+ Do you have a minimum night stay policy?

Yes, we have a minimum 2-nights stay policy.

+ Do you take a deposit when you book? If so, what is your cancellation policy?

Yes, we take deposits when you book as follows: Deposit = 100% of the villa rate for the duration of your stay including 10% service charge (in RM).

Cancellation = 100% refund of RM deposit (minus any payment processing fees taken by the bank or credit card company) if you cancel or amend your booking dates more than 14 days before the intended date of arrival.

If your deposit is forfeited, but you are able to find a replacement guest to substitute into your booking, we will reimburse your deposit accordingly.

Deposits are collected by credit card when you book online.


+ How many villas are there at Batu Batu?

Batu Batu Resort has 20 one-bedroom villas and 2 two-bedroom villas.

+ What are the differences between each type of villa?

Batu Batu has 20 one-bedroom villas and 2 two-bedroom villas.

1-Bedroom Jungle Villa: Set back from the coast on higher ground on the fringe of the island’s tropical forest, the villa has one bedroom with king or twin beds and mosquito nets, a day bed which can be made-up for sleeping, a large bathroom with stand-alone bathtub and shower and a private balcony with sea views. The 1-bedroom jungle villa is set up a number of stairs and may not be suitable for guests with mobility issues or for families with young children. (90 square meters)

1-Bedroom Jungle Villa with Children’s Annexe: Set back from the coast on the fringe of the island’s tropical forest, these villas have one bedroom with king or twin beds and mosquito nets, a day bed which can be made-up for sleeping, a large bathroom with stand-alone bathtub and shower and a private balcony with partial sea views. The villas also have a children’s annexe with bunk bed leading off the large bathroom. (95 square meters)

1-Bedroom Ocean Villa: Usually set on higher ground with elevated views of the ocean, these villas have one bedroom with a king bed and mosquito net, a day bed which can be made-up for sleeping, a large bathroom with stand-alone bathtub and shower and a private balcony with views of the sea. A number of the ocean villas are set further away from the main resort facilities and others are set-up a number of steps. These villas may not be suitable for guests with mobility issues or for families with young children. (90 square meters)

1-Bedroom Ocean Villa with Children’s Annexe: Nestled amongst rocks looking out to sea, these villas have one bedroom with a king bed and mosquito net, a day bed which can be made-up for sleeping, a large bathroom with stand-alone bathtub and shower and a private balcony with sea views. These villas also have a children’s annexe with bunk bed. (95 square meters)

1-Bedroom Beach Villa with Children’s Annexe: Set on the island’s Sunrise Beach these villas have one bedroom with a king bed and mosquito nets, a day bed which can be made-up for sleeping, a large bathroom with stand-alone bathtub and shower and a private balcony with direct access onto the beach. These villas also have a children’s annexe with bunk bed and are the most popular villa type for families travelling with children given their beach location and proximity to the main resort facilities. (95 square meters)

1-bedroom Ocean Deluxe Villa with Children’s Annexe: Set on an elevated point looking down on the ocean and the resort, this villa has a large loft-style bedroom with King Bed, a living area with two day beds and a large private balcony with elevated views of the sea and the swimming pool. The two day beds can be made-up for sleeping and the villa also has a children’s annexe with bunk bed. The villa is set-up high is accessed via a long flight of stairs which may make it unsuitable for guests with mobility issues and for families with young children. (130 square meters)

2-Bedroom Poolside Villas are located next to the resort’s swimming pool and main restaurant in the heart of the resort. These villas have two smaller-sized bedrooms with king or twin beds, two outdoor bathrooms and a covered living area situated on a large verandah. The two bedrooms are situated right next door to each other and have interconnecting doors making them suitable for families. Given their central location, these villas are excellent for easy access to the Restaurant and Pool but have less privacy than other villa-types. (130 square meters including outdoor verandah)

+ What is a children’s annexe?

Children’s annexes are small bedrooms for children leading from the main bedroom or bathroom with bunk beds. The children’s annexe is small (2m x 2m) and houses a bunk bed which allows parents to put their children to bed without having to tiptoe around in the dark for the rest of the evening. As they are small they may accommodate a cot as well but this tends to make the annexe space very tight.

+ What facilities or amenities are available in villas?

All villas benefit from the following in-room facilities: DVD player, iPod speakers (on request), tea and coffee making facilities, kettle, minibar fridge, standalone bath tub, rain shower, Malin + Goetz toiletries, hairdryer, in-room safe and solar hot water heaters.

+ Which villas are suitable for families with young children?

Our Beach Villas and Two-Bedroom Poolside Villas are most suited to families with young children being closest to the ground and to the main facilities (Restaurant, Pool). Our Ocean and Jungle Villas may have a large number of steps leading-up to them or may be located further away from the Restaurant and Pool which makes them less suited to families with younger children or guests who are less mobile.

+ What is the difference between a Jungle Villa, Ocean Villa and Beach Villa?

The Beach Villas are located directly on the beach and have access to the beach from the villa balcony. All our beach villas have children’s annexes making them ideal for families. All Beach Villas are at ground level.

The Ocean Villas have spectacular elevated sea views but unlike the beach villas do not have direct access to the beach. Please note that some Ocean Villas are elevated and are a climb up stairs. Please ask Front Desk if stairs are a concern to you.

The Jungle Villas are located on the hillsides amongst lush tropical vegetation with partial sea views. Jungle villas are elevated and up stairs. Please ask Front Desk about this if stairs are a concern.

+ How many people can fit into a villa?

Our 1 bedroom villas are for 2 adults. Each of these villas have a day bed which can be made-up for an extra adult or child.

Our 1 bedroom villas with children’s annexe can sleep 2 adults and 3 children (on the bunk beds and day bed) or 3 adults and 2 children.

Our 2 bedroom villas can sleep either 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children without the need for an extra bed. A cot or one extra bed or mattress can fit into each bedroom so that maximum capacity reaches 6 persons but the space then becomes tight.

Upon request, we can add cots and/or extra mattresses or children’s beds (subject to availability) to sleep an extra person and our Front Desk can provide you with an idea of maximum villa capacity / optimum bedding configuration based on your party size.

Any extra adults and children (4 years and above) in villas will incur additional charges as detailed in our Rates & Reservations section.

Food & Beverage

+ Where can we eat and drink at Batu Batu?

Meals are served at the main resort restaurant. Buffet breakfast runs from 8am-11am, Lunch from 12noon – 3pm, Dinner from 7pm – 10.00pm. Children’s dinner service starts at 6pm.

Our Beach Bar is now open from mid-morning until sunset each day and is situated on the Long Beach. The bar serves soft drinks, cocktails, wines and beers. We hope to introduce a variety of snacks here in the near future.

+ What food do you serve at Batu Batu?

Our kitchen produces a mix of local Malaysian and contemporary European dishes with a buffet breakfast, simple two-course lunch and a fine-dining concept three-course dinner. The adult menu changes daily with highlights that include fresh locally caught fish and seafood, good quality meats and home-made ice creams and desserts.

We can send you a sample lunch and dinner menu on request.

+ Are there set meal times at Batu Batu?

Breakfast is served from 8am until 11am, lunch from midday until 3pm and dinner from 7pm until 10pm. Children’s dinner service starts at 6pm.

+ Can my children go a la carte?

All children are also placed on the 3-meal plan. Please note that children under the age of 4 will be provided with complimentary food over their stay. Children 4 to 12 years will be placed on Children’s Full Board.

Please note that children do not have a choice of main course or dessert at meal times (a change effected to speed-up the arrival of children’s meals). However, if the children’s meal is not to your child’s taste, please let our Restaurant staff know and they can provide alternative options.

+ 3-Meal Plan / Board – Structure & Rates

All guests staying at Batu Batu will be placed on the 3-Meal Plan / Board package, which is charged per person per day and is not included in the villa rate.

From 2016 onward, board at Batu Batu is charged at RM 290+ per adult and RM 145+ per child (4-12 years). Infants below 4 years old eat for free.

The 3-Meal Plan or Board includes a buffet breakfast, two-course lunch (main & dessert) and three-course dinner (starter, main, dessert). Please see our Rates and Reservations page for more details. Drinks are billed separately and paid-for at check-out. Please see Rates and Bookings for more details.

An extra adult buffet breakfast will be charged at RM 60+, an extra adult lunch at RM 90+. RM 40+ will be charged for an extra child’s breakfast and RM 55+ for any extra children’s lunch or dinner.

During the festive period for Christmas (24 - 25 December) and New Year (31 Dec - 1 Jan), we will be serving an extended menu for lunch and dinner where any guests staying over the dates will be charged board at RM 450+ per adult and RM 145+ per child (4-12 years). Infants below 4 years old remain free of charge.

Complimentary side dishes are available during lunch for large eaters to supplement the main dishes. If there is anything you would like which is not on the menu, please ask our waiters and they will be able to liaise with the kitchen on your behalf.

+ Do we get a choice on Board?

Yes, adults usually get a choice between 3 dishes for each course. Children do not have a choice of main course or dessert at meal times (a change effected over 2013 to speed-up the arrival of children’s meals). However, if the children’s meal is not to your child’s taste, please let our Restaurant staff know and they can provide alternative options.

+ Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes we do (although this might not be reflected in the main menu choices). If you are vegetarian or have specific allergies, please do let us know when you make your reservation. When you arrive at the Resort, please do let our Restaurant Manager or Assistant Restaurant Manager know that you are vegetarian and he/she will ask that the kitchen prepare you some vegetarian options over your stay. Please do not hesitate to provide some suggestions / an idea of what you would like to eat although please do bear in mind that being on our little island some ingredients are not possible to get hold of.

+ I have very particular food allergies or preferences, will I be able to eat at Batu Batu?

If you have particular dietary requirements, please let us know in advance and we can try to arrange some alternative dishes for you if required. When you arrive on the resort, please remind our Front Desk or our Restaurant Manager / Assistant Manager of your dietary requirements and they will in turn remind the kitchen. If you have very particular needs, we can arrange for our Head Chef to discuss your options and needs with you when you arrive.

+ Can we bring our own alcohol?

Batu Batu serves a good range of wines, beers and cocktails in our resort. If you would like to bring your own bottle at the restaurant, bars, Long Beach bar area and at the poolside, we charge RM 25+ per beer, RM 100+ corkage per bottle of wine and RM 150+ per bottle of spirits or champagne.

Families at Batu Batu

+ What is a children’s annexe?

The children’s annexe is a small (2m x 2m) room off the main villa bedroom with bunk beds only (please note that a cot can be squeezed in beside the bunk bed although this leaves very little room to move). The room is small but allows parents to put their children to bed in a separate space without having to tiptoe around in the dark for the rest of the evening!

+ We are a family with children – which villa is best for us?

Either of the 1-bedroom villas with children’s annexe or the 2-bedroom poolside villas.

Please note though that if you have babies in cots, the current children’s annexe may be redundant for you as they are only large enough for the bunk bed that they currently house. A cot can be squeezed in besides the bunk bed but this leaves little room for manoeuvre and some parents find this too cramped.

+ What will my children eat at Batu Batu?

Children are offered a daily rotating menu consisting of pasta dishes, minute steaks, fish, meat stir-fries with rice and vegetables, noodle dishes and delicious home-made desserts. Whilst there is no choice at each meal time, if the option at any mealtime over your stay is not to your child’s taste, our kitchen can provide an alternative.

As all guests are on the 3-meal plan or board package, based on guests’ feedback we offer extra side portions of mixed vegetables and simple sides (rice / French fries). This is also applicable for children.

Freshly made simple fruit and vegetable purees for babies are also available each day. We can also blend some of the infant/small-sized children’s meals for older babies. Please speak to our restaurant staff if you would like your baby food to be non-salt, non-dairy or have any other special requests.

+ What children’s facilities do you have at Batu Batu?

We try our best to cater for children and families at Batu Batu. Amongst others, we provide on request: Cots Children’s annexe in eight One-bedroom Villas (with bunk beds). More are being constructed as mentioned above. Baby baths Potties Baby purees available (on request) Children’s meals Bottle steriliser (at the Restaurant) Nappy changing mats Children’s DVDs at Front Desk Children’s Play House equipped with a small selection of toys Babysitting (available on prior request and subject to availability. Rate may be reviewed and amended at any time and the rate on the date of the guests’ stay will be applicable)

Whilst at Batu Batu…

+ What activities are there at Batu Batu?

The PADI Dive & Activities Centre @ Batu Batu runs a range of guided and unguided activities for guests. Activities on offer range from snorkel and kayak rental to scuba diving trips and courses, one-day boat trips to Tokong Bahara to see reef sharks to walks through the jungle.

Please note that the dive centre is closed outside of the diving season. Please enquire with if you would like to find out more about diving.

All profits from equipment rental, scuba diving and boat trips are put towards island conservation efforts. For example, Batu Batu hired a Naturalist on the island for 1.5 years (2012 & 2013) who inventoried bird and mammal species. In H2 2013, we funded a botanical study of the island to be undertaken by a Belgian tropical botanist from the University of Brussels. In 2014, these moneys funded a turtle hatchery and turtle conservation programme.

For non-outdoor activities, you may want to stay in with a DVD (library at our Front Desk) or play some board games (also available from Front Desk).

+ Can we rent snorkels at Batu Batu?

Yes, you can rent snorkels, masks and fins (both adult and children’s sizes) from the Dive & Activities Centre.

+ Can we dive at Batu Batu?

Yes, you can dive at our PADI Dive Centre from mid-March to early-November (depending on the sea conditions). We also offer PADI courses. Please contact for more information or dive bookings.

+ Why do we need to pay for snorkel and kayak rental?

All profits from equipment rental, scuba diving and boat trips are put towards island conservation efforts. For example, Batu Batu hired a Naturalist on the island for 1.5 years over 2012 and 2013 who inventoried bird and mammal species and helped protect the island’s nesting turtles. In 2013 we funded a botanical study of the island’s fauna from the University of Brussels. In 2014, we have kicked-off a collaboration with Malaysian Marine Parks including a turtle conservation and turtle hatchery programme.

+ Is there internet access at Batu Batu?

Yes, we do provide free wifi at Batu Batu although it is not always perfect given our island location… In December 2015 we updated the technology used to bring internet to the island (beaming it over from mainland) and have found that it works best if we restrict wifi to the public areas of the resort. This means that wifi is in general much more stable but we no longer provide wifi in individual villas.

+ Is there mobile signal at Batu Batu?

Yes, we have strong mobile signal on the island for the 3 main Malaysian providers (Celcom, Maxis and Digi).

+ Is the Spa at Batu Batu open as yet?

Yes, the spa is open with two massage therapists available. Please email for any spa related enquiries or bookings.

We hope you can find your questions in the list above. If not, please email directly with any specific queries. We look forward to seeing you here at Batu Batu very soon.