We welcome many families here at Batu Batu and we try to make life easier for parents travelling with little ones.

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Children and baby facilities at Batu Batu include:

  • Cots 
  • Children’s annexe in all Beach Villas and certain Ocean and Jungle Villas  (with bunk beds)
  • Baby baths
  • Potties
  • Nappy changing mat
  • Bottle sterilizer (in the Restaurant)
  • Baby purees (available when pre-ordred)
  • Children’s menu
  • Selection of children’s DVDs
  • Children’s Play House
  • Babysitting (based on availability – please click here for more information)

Please let us know if you require any of these items in your villa when you make your reservation.

The children’s annexes are very small side rooms (2m x 2m) attached to the main bedroom of the Beach Villas and some of the Ocean and Jungle Villas. Please note that these currently contain a bunk bed only and a cot can just be squeezed in alongside the bunks if requested.

Our Beach Villas and Two-bedroom Poolside Villas are most suited to families with young children being closest to the ground and to the main facilities (Restaurant, Pool). Some Ocean and Jungle Villas have a large number of steps leading-up to them or may be located further away from the Restaurant and Pool which makes them less suited to families with younger children or guests who are less mobile.

Please note that our island is both wild and natural with jungle at its interior. This does mean that whilst we regularly treat our beaches for sand flies and the island for mosquitoes, there is still a chance that children (and adults) may be bitten by insects over the course of your stay on the island. We provide mosquito nets, mosquito coils (burn and electric) as well as mosquito repellent in the restaurant and bar areas to limit this as much as possible. However, you may also want to bring your own insect repellent and bite creams. From time-to-time we do have jelly fish and sea lice in the waters and these can irritate sensitive skin leaving a rash.


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